Monday, 10 February 2014


Hello, how's your day so far?

7:05  Wake up and check the wether. Grey.
          It's not SUNDAY but CLOUDAY.
          Go to take a shower. Brush my teeth carefully during hair conditioner.

7:32  Have a cup of wake-up coffee with milk.
         Yes, cafe au lait as usual.

7:37  Check my email box.
         Nothing in it. I know it is SUNday. Take your time.

7:40  Look back on yesterday, seeing my sketches of animals I drew there.
         In there I was filled with lots of emotions somehow.
         I could leave myself alone in the crowd.
         I love being alone as much as being in the crowd.

7:55  Start preparing some stuff for doing work. Setup is done.
         Oh, I forget one thing. MUSIC.
         Have you got a feeling of being in Iceland?

10:02  I get sunshine in my face.
           Finally, you can be SUNday. Please wake up a little bit earlier.

12:00  Just for lunch.

12:54  Head for the flower market.
           Not for purchasing flowers but want to see how people have them.
13:26  In shoreditch.
           One thing I found out. Almost all of male flower shop staff are a bit hoarse.
           They shout out with croaky voices. It's a kind of a occupational disease in market.

13:55  And one more thing.
           Why is a female double base player so attractive?

14:13  Walk to White Chapel Gallery.

14:51  Gallery2.
           According to Kader Attia, "the biggest illusion of the Human Mind is probably the one on    
           which Man ha built himself"

16:12  Home.

Keep warm everybody.



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