Monday, 27 January 2014



7:38  Wake up and see a beautiful pink-coloured morning sky.
         Back to sleep.

8:55  Wake up. Take a quick shower. Have a cup of morning coffee.
         Clear up the sink in the kitchen.

9:45  Start my work. Place words and speak up. Take off and put some different words.
11:10  Meanwhile, watch a movie and have a silent conversation with "Samantha"(check out the movie "Her")

11:53  Orange for breakfast.

13:48  Change my clothes.

13:55  Fly out the door and jog to the park in my neighborhood.
           With my music Marco  Benevento
14:10  In the park. Jump over puddles.
           Fresh air, song of birds, calm of trees, chasing a squirrel.

14:25  Go up to the hill and looking around.
           Yell out. Say hello to London, no, to the world, no, YOU!!
           Take a picture of a fine panorama of the grey city.
           Waiting for the weather to change.

14:32  Down to the ground. Jump over puddles.

14:52  Back home.

14:55  Take a quick shower and clear my mind.
           back to work.

Raining the day away.

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